Ondo State is a state in southwestern Nigeria. It was Created in February 1976 from the former Western State, Ondo State borders Ekiti State (formally part of the state) to the north, Kogi State to the northeast, Edo State to the east, Delta State to the southeast, Ogun State to the southwest, Osun State to the northwest, and The Atlantic Ocean to the south. The state’s capital is Akure, the former capital of the ancient Akure Kingdom. Edo state includes mangrove-swamp forest near the Bights of Benin.

Nicknamed the “Sunshine State”, Ondo State is the 18th largest state in the country. The state is predominantly Yoruba, where the Yoruba language is commonly spoken. The state economy is dominated by the petroleum industry, with cocoa production, asphalt mining, and activities utilizing the state’s extensive coastline also serving as major economic factors. It is the home to Ikogosi warm and cold spring.