• Ọmọọba Ọláyẹmí O. Ajọ́sẹ̀

    Patron/Chairman Director

    Joined Club: OFC

    About me

  • Ọmọọba Kọ́láwọlé Orípinyè

    OFC Manager/Director

    Joined Club: OFC

    Ọmọọba Kọ́láwọlé Orípinyè is a professional football player and a club manager. As a footballer, he plays as a central midfielder. As a club manager, he has developed over five hundred players who are now playing in various leagues both at national and international levels. He is an idealist, who has organised various football tournaments in Nigeria and Benin Republic. Odùduwà Football Academy is his initiative.

  • Yèyé Símisádé Kúkù-Ọnàyẹmí


    Joined Club: OFC

    Yèyé Símisádé Kúkù-Ọnàyẹmí

  • Lameed Àkànbí-YAÁGBÓYAÁJÙ

    Media & Technical Director

    Joined Club: OFC

    Lameed Àkànbí YAÁGBÓYAÁJÙ is a Senior Partner, Creative Director plus Project Manager. He is well-known for his strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression, he has successfully led the brand design and marketing engagements for a variety of clients. He joined OFC as a media and technical director.

  • Ayọ̀bámi Oyèdélé


    Joined OFC: OFC

    Ayọ̀bámi Oyèdélé is a Yorùbá language expert and a language instructor. He has co-authored pedagogical books in Yorùbá for students who are keen to learning the language. He's a language translator with numerous experiences in the art of translation from Yorùbá to English and vice versa.

  • Titilola Aboyade-Cole

    Media & Publicity Director

    Joined Club: OFC

    Titilola Aboyade-Cole, popularly called CoachTAC among professional colleagues and followers, is an NLP practitioner, a multifaceted woman whose professional career cuts across different disciplines like Life, Health, Relationship and Business Coaching.